GM Reimagines the Hummer as an EV Truck

EV Truck | Clanton, AL

When you think of the gargantuan Hummer that roamed the streets a decade ago, you don’t associate it with fuel efficiency. However, General Motors is prepared to change those perceptions with the upcoming release of a brand-new Hummer.

This latest iteration of the Hummer will be an EV truck.

The decision to remake the Hummer as an all-electric pickup truck certainly makes sense. After all, electric vehicles and trucks are two of the fastest-growing vehicle segments in the industry.

The new Hummer won’t be any less powerful than its predecessor. In fact, with a reported power output of nearly 1,000 horsepower thanks to its advanced electric motors, the new Hummer EV may be even more powerful than the previous iteration of the Hummer.

GM has already begun advertising for this new Hummer EV. These advertisements, which feature sports legend LeBron James, focus on the silent power that the Hummer EV is able to produce. Instead of featuring bombastic sounds and songs, these TV spots are mostly silent.

As for when you can expect this Hummer EV to join the GM lineup, it should be making its way to the GMC family in 2021. We at Stokes Automotive are certainly looking forward to its eventual arrival and will have it in stock soon.

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