Chevrolet NASCAR Team Off to a Great Start in 2020 Season

Chevroler NASCAR Team | Clanton, AL

Even though the NASCAR season is just kicking off, the team Chevrolet team is already flexing its proverbial muscles on the track. In the first three races, the team secured one outright win and claimed numerous spots in the top ten.

The second race of the NASCAR Xfinity Series saw driver R. Sieg peak at fourth place, but seven other Chevrolet drivers finished in the top 10, with team members also claiming spots 11-15. The following race in Fontana, California, was even more impressive.

Alex Bowman won by a landslide and was accompanied in the top 10 by three other Chevy racers in third, fourth and seventh places. If that’s not enough, the team collectively led 127 laps out of 200, which amounts to more than 60 percent of the total race.

This represents a significant improvement over last year’s NASCAR season, in which Chevy didn’t pull in a win until the 10th race. Some people have speculated that the team’s impressive performance is due in part to the new Camaros that the team drives. In an interview following the race, Bowman stated, “I think the new body has helped us a lot, the new Camaro. Any change we make, we make for a reason, and Chevy did a good job with that car.”

It may not have the high-performance tweaks as Alex Bowman’s race-winning ride, but you can get behind the wheel of your own 2020 Camaro right here at Stokes Automotive.

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