Fun Family Activities for January

After the busy holiday season is over, it’s easy to get bored in January, so we have some ideas of fun family activities that you and the kids can do together.

Make homemade hot chocolate

Did you know there’s a ton of different hot chocolate recipes online? You can spice up regular hot chocolate by adding new flavors to it, everything from good old cinnamon to dark chocolate to red velvet.


A lot of families have boxes of old photos sitting around. Make organizing them a fun, kid-friendly activity by doing an arts and crafts night. Scrapbooking is a low-stress way of being creative and spending time together.

Have a bonfire

Here in Alabama, winter can mean perfect bonfire temperatures. Fill up a container with some fleece or flannel blankets, light up a fire in the backyard, and toast marshmallows with your family.

Organize game night

Got board games sitting around and gathering dust in the closet? Schedule quality family time by organizing a night once a week that everyone sits down and plays games together. It’s a great way to get interact and challenge your thinking.

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