Check Out These 2020 GMC Sierra HD Improvements

The 2020 GMC Sierra HD is a beastly truck that unites handsome design, intelligent technology, and plenty of muscle. In an interview with Sierra HD Chief Engineer Marissa West, we learned more about the impressive capabilities of this new and improved heavy duty pickup.

Bigger and better

It’s hard to improve on the GMC Sierra HD, but the next-gen model is “the most capable heavy-duty pickup for trailering in the segment,” according to West. Each dual-rear-wheel model of the truck manages a maximum towing capacity of over 30,000 pounds. Go with the gooseneck, and you’ll enjoy a maximum of 35,000 pounds.

Staying cool

With so many hardworking components, the Sierra HD needs plenty of ways to safeguard its engine. That’s why West and her crew outfitted the truck with a huge fan and radiator, along with a dual-path air intake system. The Sierra HD also boasts the new “engine after-run” feature, which helps the vehicle cool down more gradually, preventing unnecessary wear and tear from sharp temperature changes.

High-tech trailering

You’ll enjoy even more confidence when towing thanks to a huge array of trailering features. The Sierra HD offers a suite of 15 cameras, which can work in concert to let you see through your trailer. Plus, you can opt for the Rear Camera Mirror, ProGrade™ Trailering, and an in-vehicle trailering app to make towing even easier.

Check out these 2020 Sierra HD improvements in person at Stokes Automotive.